Noble came second at Greek Cuisine Awards!


The Greek Cuisine Awards, established by Athinorama magazine, are the most prominent institution of Greek gastronomy. Especially for restaurants located within resort hotels, such as the Noble Gourmet Restaurant at the Elysium Resort & Spa, offering Greek cuisine to our guests, regardless of its form — traditional, contemporary or modern — is not only a facility but an obligation. It is our obligation towards our tradition and culture, to transfer small bites of local tradition, such as the local cuisine, to our guests, so that they, in turn, pass them on to their homeland.

We are very happy that for the third consecutive year the Noble Gourmet Restaurant won the Greek Cuisine award, gaining the second place among Greece’s best restaurants offering Greek cuisine. Most of all, however, we are glad that through this effort we become ambassadors of Greek cuisine to our guests.

Congratulations to the entire team of the Noble Gourmet Restaurant that is masterfully guided throughout all its years of operation by Rhodian Executive Chef George Troumouchis!

Describing the Noble Gourmet restaurant, the jury stated: «A cutting-edge gastronomic experience is what the atmospheric luxury restaurant at the top of the Elysium Resort & Spa in Kallithea offers to the visitors of the Knights’ Island. The exclusive tasting menus adorn highly original compositions that illuminate the culinary (and not only) traditions of Rhodes and connect them dynamically, charmingly, and touchingly with modern gastronomy. From a fascinating sequence of excellent dishes, we singled out “Cod Xerochimisi with leeks and tarama” [photo].»

Undoubtedly, we are sorry that the Elysium Resort & Spa will not operate this year, and therefore the Noble Gourmet Restaurant will not be open either. But we would like to assure you that in summer 2021 we will be back with you renewed but always with the same quality that you are used to finding at the Noble.