Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Environmental Policy

Elysium Resort & Spa was purely built with an environmental consciousness in mind with our staff being trained to follow best practices in the fields of energy and water consumption, recycling, waste management and gas usage.

Elysium Resort & Spa currently holds the following environmental certifications:

  • Travelife Gold
  • Green Key eco-label by FEE (Foundation of Environmental Education)
  • Blue Flag Award by EEPF (Hellenic Foundation of Natural Protection)

The above certifications clearly evidence our hotel’s strong commitment to responsible tourism and sustainable development.

Electricity consumption

Reducing electricity consumption in a hotel is often regarded as a daunting task due to the large investments associated. Despite that, Elysium has undertaken large investments to minimize its environmental footprint. Energy efficient windows of the latest technology have been employed in combination with roof insulations to minimize temperature loss, while an intelligent building management system (BMS) was installed to report all energy figures in real time to our qualified staff. Through the use of technology, we can now optimize the consumption of lighting, power systems, ventilation and air conditioning, fire systems and security systems and determine which departments fail to meet our criteria and take corrective action when necessary.

Further actions include the use of natural gas wherever possible, the use of high-performance energy-saving bulbs, regular cleaning of windows to maximize natural lighting and switching off lighting in departments during non-operational hours. In-room smart technology is also used through the use of main switches with magnetic keys preventing electricity consumption when occupants are not in the room and sensors stopping air conditioning when the balcony doors are left open.


As far as recycling is concerned we took the following actions:

  • Implementation of a litter separation system
  • Use of compression equipment to recycle paper which we then use on our internal day-to-day operation
  • Use of recycling bins and separate bins for batteries
  • Recycling of burnt cooking oil
  • Refilling of printer cartridges and safe disposal of computer hardware equipment.

We have also trained all our staff to have an environmentally friendly approach actively encouraging them to print as little as possible, keep office printing scrap paper to be reutilized and communicate mainly through emails.

Waste management

In regards to waste management, we separate litter and deliver it to the recycling authorities when it is not possible to recycle ourselves as well as ensure biological treatment for the non-recyclable waste.

Water consumption

Water consumption is being managed and monitored by the BMS with sensors and special filters fitted in faucets in public areas to step down on unnecessary consumption. In fact, we have gone to such a depth that even handpicked less water-dependent plants for our gardens so as to maximize water savings.

Use of biodegradable products

In addition, we carefully select biodegradable products to use in our housekeeping and food and beverage departments as well as use ionization devices with salt to clean the swimming pools (an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine).


The managers and owners of the hotel Elysium Resort & Spa share the commitment to operate in a sustainable way towards a better future for the tourism industry and the land the hotel operates in.

We recognize the significant role that the tourism industry plays in natural resources and climate change, human capital, hosting communities and future generations. Therefore, we will work to ensure Hotel Elysium Resort & Spa responsibly manages all issues related to the above sustainability pillars in a way that recognizes and minimizes all potential negative impact and focuses and boosts on assuring and increasing any related beneficial impact.

The primary goals related to our sustainability policy are:

1. Environmental Pillar
  • Increase environmental awareness among our guests by explaining how they can work with us towards our goals.
  • Increase environmental awareness within our staff via various means of training by explaining how they can work with us towards our goals.
  • Monitor and minimize waste production.
  • Monitor and minimize energy & water consumption.
  • Assure 100% legality in chemicals usage and monitor and minimize related consumptions.
  • Comply with all related legal requirements.


2. Community Pillar
  • Seek and ensure open channels of communication with all community stakeholders.
  • Monitor and work on increasing the ratio of staff utilized from the local area.
  • Monitor and work on increasing the ratio of goods and services acquired from the local area.
  • Participate in donations and activities with benefit the local community and encourage our staff and guests to assist us.


3. Human Capital Pillar

In hotel Elysium Resort & Spa we strictly clarify the below:

  • We take steps to prevent and eliminate any harassment such as sexual harassment, and abuse of power in the workplace.
  • We respect fundamental human rights and we do not tolerate any violation of human rights.
  • We respect individual privacy.
  • We are committed to eliminating any discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, sex, gender, age, religion, disability and any other basis protected by the applicable law.
  • We will not engage in child labour or forced labour.
  • We respect children’s rights and we are committed to protecting children both from general and sexual exploitation according to the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse CETS No.: 201.
  • Every suspicious behaviour regarding exploitation or violation of child protection. guidelines and policies will be reported to management and to relevant stakeholders (tour operators, child protection organizations, law enforcement agencies etc.).


As part of our sustainability policy and in order to ensure the above we shall:

  • Train our staff on all related issues on an annual basis.
  • Provide means of confidential reporting on related issues.
  • Comply with all related legal requirements.


4. Quality and Health & Safety Pillar
  • Elysium Resort & Spa Hotel is constantly proceeding with improvements in all areas of the Hotel and seeking the greatest satisfaction from its guests, realizes the importance of the services` quality.
  • We are committed to providing constant, top-quality services with respect to our clients’ demands and personnel expectations.
  • We will monitor and record guest and staff satisfaction and continuously work on increasing it and dealing with potential problems.
  • We shall discuss predetermined interval results with personnel and implement corrective actions for any scores that do not meet our targets.
  • We understand the increasing quality demand travelers have and for that reason, we constantly work on increasing guest satisfaction.
  • We will ensure that the operation of our hotel complies with all applicable health & safety laws and regulations not only as a leisure destination but also as a working place.
  • We will provide adequate training to our staff and help them understand the importance of their role in our cause.
  • We shall raise awareness of our guests in order to support our efforts.
  • We will examine our performance with the assistance of external bodies.

This policy statement will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains applicable to the activities of the Hotel and any agreements made between the Hotel and its stakeholders.

Click here to download our Sustainability Annual Report.