Espa body treatment

To be taken either individually or as a series, treatments include scrubs, wraps and Floatation treatments. When choosing more than one treatment, we recommend keeping within the same path to equilibrium; unwind, rejuvenate or revitalize.

Scrubs treat your delicate skin to a new start, and complement corresponding wraps by enveloping your new skin. Baths are renowned for being relaxing, rejuvenating and warming – all things that make you feel better, and yet in our hectic world we forget this simple form of restoration. Floatation treatments are a unique experience, which promotes total relaxation and stillness in the mind. Enveloped in warm water a weightless feeling is created, but the body remains dry.

The following represent only a sampling of the indulgent treatments on offer:

***Serenity Spa ‘Hero Treatment’- Back, Face & Scalp  Ritual  

Unravel tension, instantly boost your complexion and restore inner calm with our most renowned treatment. Targeted massage techniques combine with the purest aromatherapy oils and a highly-personalised facial helping you to look and feel your very best – restored, de-stressed and beautifully radiant. ​

ESPA Detoxifying Body Cocoon​

A full body treatment providing an intense detox and vitality boost. Designed for those who live a fast paced lifestyle, overindulge all too often, feel lethargic or have a sluggish digestive system. This treatment is the perfect kick-start to a healthy eating program or to accompany a detox regime.​

ESPA Ocean Glow Body Exfoliation

Revive skin’s natural softness and glow with this intensely exfoliating treatment. An ideal way to prepare skin for other treatments, with two exfoliation choices; a natural blend of sea salt and the purest essential oils or a soothing blend of aloe vera and peppermint. Both will polish away dull, dry cells and infuses skin with rich nourishment. Skin feels smooth, supple and looks radiantly healthy.​

***Restore Balance

Bring balance to mind, body & spirit ​​.

Glow from Within​​

Restore your inner and outer glow with active skin nutrients​​.