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Escape Rooms

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Escape Rooms

A new alternative way of entertainment full of fun.
You have one hour to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and locate the riddle that will unlock the door. Will you make it?

Escape rooms are a new alternative way of entertainment full of fun! Groups of 2-6 people are restrained in a thematic, interactive room, that each time has a different story, decoration and procedure to find a way to escape. Whether you play with only with your spouse, with friends or family members, or even business colleagues, your mission is simple yet challenging: using only your mind, imagination, logic and teamwork, find the clues, solve the puzzles and complete your mission. The challenges and the riddles are created in such a way, so that every person can approach them. The game is exciting and appropriate for all ages from 8 to 108 years old! The game lasts 60 minutes at maximum, yet the feeling of well-being and the good mood last forever. It is a kind of amusement that will certainly enchant you...

The rooms fulfil all security and safety requirements. A trained member of staff, the game master, monitors players via surveillance cameras during the whole game and offers help when the game gets more difficult by providing some clues.  Any player is able and allowed to leave the game, just by using the "Emergency exit" button.

Escape rooms started in Asia, but soon spread throughout the world, enchanting people of all ages. In countries such as Australia, Holland, Hungary, Great Britain, as well as Greece for the past two years, they have gained lots of fans, since they offer exciting experiences to guests, not only the young ones , but the older, too.

Enhancing its range of leisure experiences, Elysium Resort & Spa is the first 5 star resort hotel in Greece to offer this new form of entertainment within its premises with two escape rooms: The Alchemist and Taken... The concept and design of Elysium escape rooms have been developed by "Enigma EscpapIN".

To book a game session, or for further information please contact the Reception Desk, or email us at info@elysium.gr


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